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your jewel

An Exclusive Icon

A piece of jewelry is a rare moment’s icon that deserves to be immortalized. Births, baptisms, birthdates,
engagements, weddings, and other life rituals that do not happen every day.

This is why it is precious when there is a symbol that carries us back to those moments. Especially, when it
comes to an exclusive item: personalized jewelry.


Desire and Concept

The process of idealization of a piece of jewelry always begins with a desire. Then, the materials that
conceptually better fit the idea are chosen. It is, then, hand-drawn, making possible a more realistic view. Finally,
I begin the elaboration sequence through the hand-made process.



Strength and Fineness

When it comes to gems and metals, I combine preciousness and durability: hypnotizing diamonds, pearls,
emeralds, sapphires, tourmalines, and rubies that are held by 18k and 24k gold.

Gold has the extraordinary power of adorning and aggrandizing what it involves.



careful process

Each piece is done by hand, according to strict patterns and a series of delicate processes to the point where the
piece takes its shape.


Eternal and Personal

Your jewelry, therefore, unique and created through a completely handmade process, will be able to immortalize
your most intimate desires and most special moments.

Alianças em ouro Elisa Fracchiolla Joias
Esmeraldas Elisa Fracchiolla Joias
Brincos cravejados Elisa Fracchiolla Joias


Feel free. I am available to detail the creation process of a piece from idealization to finishing.

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