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Wearables from the Metaverse

Designed by Elisa Fracchiolla

It is with great enthusiasm that I present Mythus08, the first jewel conceived by me to be worn in the physical world and in the virtual spaces of the Metaverse.


Inspired by the hybridity of digital and material, the piece balances the complexity of natural
organic shapes with angular details that refer to the beginnings of three-dimensional virtual
objects. At the top, the inverted drop adorned with waves studded with small diamonds
supports the larger pendulum – also studded with diamonds and shaped like a delicate petal
that floats over the shoulders and harmonizes perfectly with the curves of the neck.

Features (per piece):
5.68ct of round diamonds and white baguettes
18k gold (white, rosé, yellow or black)
Dimensions: 9cm x 3.5cm x 2mm
Weight: 20g


In total, only eight pairs of Mythus08 will be produced: two pairs in white gold, two pairs in
yellow gold, two pairs in rose gold, and two pairs in black gold. Each pair comes with its
printed, signed, and numbered certificate.

The uniqueness of Mythus08 is encrypted on the blockchain as a non-fungible token (NFT).


When purchasing one of the pairs, you will receive, in addition to the exclusive physical
jewelry (the Mythus08 pair created by hand) to wear in the material world, also an NFT of
one of the eight unique works of the exclusive collection developed by digital artist Eduardo
Galvani and starring the virtual model Dionisia.


Each NFT is unique and contains, in addition to the work in high definition (ready to be
printed and/or featured on digital displays), a video, and two images of Mythus08 ready to be
displayed in your virtual closet at .


Mythus08 in the Metaverse

An extra charm for your virtual meetings.


Dress up Mythus08 in Augmented Reality during your professional or personal video calls via Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and MS Teams.

Sign up and receive the free link and instructions to use Mythus08 in all your video calls and
meetings, and get early access to my new releases for the metaverse.

Your registration has been sent! We will send you an email with the link and step-by-step instructions on how to use Mythus08 in your video calls.


Try on with Augmented Reality

Mythus08 can be tried on Instagram

Here's how to try it:




Click here or search for the filter "Mythus08"
by Elisa Fracchiolla.


NFT collection

"Dionysia wears Mythus08"

Series of digital illustrations by Eduardo Galvani

Metaverse: where virtual fashion and cryptoart meet.

When purchasing one of the eight physical pairs of Mythus08, you will be able to choose one of the works from this collection*.

The chosen work will be transferred in NFT format by the Polygon blockchain to your crypto wallet.

*As each work is unique, the choice will be between the works still available at the time of purchase.



Post-humanity is in fashion

Who better to star a metaverse-inspired gem

but a virtual model?


Made up of polygons, Dionysia is born from the appeal of the noblest virtues.

There is no place between worlds and realms through which she has passed that the stars, the course of the waters and the wind have not stopped to admire her joy and enthusiasm.

Dionisia discovers her mission and her great desire; to point the way to the beautiful and just.

His desire is to connect the tangible world to the world where everything is possible, the world where “self expression” finds its home.


Want to know more about Mythus08?

If you have any questions about how to acquire NFTs, how to use the try on filter in Augmented Reality or how to order your Mythus08 pair of earrings, please contact me!