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Elisa Fracchiolla



I am the heiress of a family of creatives. I grew up among painters, sculptures, and carpenters who have always done these activities as hobbies. It was in 2007 when I decided to study goldsmithery and jewelry design; when I had an inspiring dream that led me to dive into this art that is almost as old as humankind.


Since then, I have not stopped creating. I define my enthusiasm as a creative fire. My memories and my intimate universe are the tools I use to shape the metal. It results in pieces with a strong design, whether it is because of its surprising shape or by inspiring personality.


Technique and Aesthetics

Each piece is done by hand, according to strict patterns and a series of delicate processes to the point where the piece takes its shape.


When it comes to gems and metals, I combine preciousness and durability: diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, tourmalines, and rubies that are held by 18k and 24k gold.


What is your first memory of a piece of jewelry?


For me, it was a solitaire. I remember my late grandmother with it. It was a simple gold ring that was always in her skilled hands. Her clothing would change, her glasses too, but she always had that ring on.

Elisa Fracchiolla Joias
Ilustração Ursa de Carla Barth
Brincos Diamante e Pérola Elisa Fracchiolla Joias

fine jewelry

Objects of Transmission

What amazes me the most in the jewelry universe is to be able to create objects that tell stories. Objects of transmission, pieces that last for a lifetime. It might be the precious nature of the materials or the tradition and culture that revolve around fine jewels, which make them bonds of memories and legacies.

This is why we create precious objects and express ourselves through them. Like transmitters of affective memories, they have a meaningful role in the intimate moments of our lives: engagements, weddings, the births of our children, wedding anniversaries, graduations.

Another reason why I chose fine jewels as a means of expression of my creativity is that they contribute to reducing the culture of disposables.

The Brand


It is a contemporary reinterpretation of a distant, and treasure-filled past, sensitive and rich jewelry.

The goal is to create pieces that resemble our times, but that still honor classic traditions.


I define my inspirations as a creative fire, a movement of reinterpretation of my memories and my intimate universe, of the story of art and its symbolism, of nature and its cycles.


My biggest desire is that my pieces will echo my love for the process of having created them - pieces that will bring joy, today and always, through generations.

Joias de Força por Elisa Fracchiolla
Metal para Joias Elisa Fracchiolla


Beauty and Durability

The pieces are made in 18k and 24k gold, the best balance between preciousness and durability.

Gold has the extraordinary power of adorning and aggrandizing the other elements it involves, such as diamonds, gemstones, and pearls.  


The process of idealization of a piece of jewelry always begins with a desire. Then, the materials that conceptually better fit the idea are chosen. It is, then, hand-drawn, making possible a more realistic view. Finally, I begin the elaboration sequence through the hand-made process. 

Aquarela Gema por Elisa Fracchiolla

The clients

People and their stories

People looking for unique and versatile pieces that fit into their stories. Pieces that can be adapted to people’s jobs and personal lives. My specialty is personalized jewels.


I design pieces for the contemporary woman, who is aware of what she wishes, always looking for the perfect balance between audacity and subtlety.

Aquarela Gema por Elisa Fracchiolla
Joias Casamento Elisa Fracchiolla

I am available to talk to you!

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