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The bride and her jewel

towards the big day

Organizing a wedding ceremony might be exhausting and exciting. It is of great importance to have
professionals by our side that make us feel calm because of the safety they provide and
assertiveness in making numerous choices of elements for the big day.


observing and learning

Once life always gives us signs, I soon realized that my relationship with such moments of great
celebrations was more intimate. Then, I went from ornamenting the setting to ornamenting the brides
and since 2015 I have been creating jewels for them. My aim is the maximum expression of their stories.

Noiva Elisa Fracchiolla Joias
Brincos Diamante Elisa Fracchiolla Joias


celebrating their history

Bridal jewelry is an artifact of expression and transmission, fragments of memory captured and shown
in a triumphant manner through its piece.

Jewelry of transmission

from mother to daughter

Your story will embrace other stories, putting fragments together for a new celebration every day.

Anel Ouro e Diamantes - Elisa Fracchiolla Joias

Let's talk?

Want to order a personalized piece or learn more about the creation process?
Send a message, I am available!

Brinco Elisa Fracchiolla Joias
Cristais Elisa Fracchiolla Joias
Presilhas Elisa Fracchiolla Noivas
Brincos de pérolas - Elisa Fracchiolla Joias
Bracelete Ouro com Diamantes - Elisa Fracchiolla Joias
Noiva e sua joia - Elisa Fracchiolla Joias
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