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Aliança Ouro e Diamante - Elisa Fracchiolla Joias

I say yes to us

the big step

Say yes to love. There comes a point in our lives when we need the courage to take the next step. I'm here to help you build that moment: craft the perfect engagement ring for your great love.

the perfect symbol

Finally married

Our love relationships are the meeting of two hearts that tune their rhythms creating their own tone, their own dance.

Alianças Ouro e Diamantes - Elisa Fracchiolla Joias
Aliança com diamante - Elisa Fracchiolla Joias

jewelry for brides

Towards the big day

Bridal jewelry is transmission artifacts, memory fragments triumphantly captured through your jewelry.


honoring moments

A jewel is an icon of a rare moment that deserves to be immortalized. Births, baptisms, birthdays, weddings and other rites of life do not happen every day. That's why it's valuable when we have a symbol that transports us back to those moments, especially when it comes to an exclusive icon.

Alianças Ouro e Diamantes - Elisa Fracchiolla Joias

Let's talk?

Feel free, I am available to detail the process of making your jewelry,
from design to finishing.

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