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Personalized Orders


Whether for a single ring or a large set of jewelry, after the idealization, all the steps are carried out by me: from the design, the purchase of gems and metals, the development through the manual process, to the packaging of your jewelry.

Understand, step by step, how orders are placed:


Step 1

At the beginning of creating personalized jewelry, I like to meet and get to know my client personally: their tastes, desires, and the intention for the jewelry that will be created. Meetings are held by phone, video calls, or in-person in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.


step 2

After agreeing to start the jewelry project, the quotation is informed within 24 hours after the meeting.


step 3

Once agreeing to our quotation, the customer makes the initial payment of 50% of the total amount by Pix or card
(debit or credit).


step 4

The jewelry sketches are developed (up to 3 sketches per piece are presented).


step 5

With the sketch defined, the estimated time necessary for the elaboration of the jewelry is then informed, which
will depend on the complexity of each piece. The average estimate is 25 to 35 business days.



step 6

The payment of the remaining 50% of the value is made by the customer before the jewelry is shipped. Shipping
is free and guaranteed. The estimated arrival of the jewelry will depend on your location (learn more about shipping and returns).

Important informations

Your jewelry is made with certified raw material, committed to the sustainability of the planet and to the people
who are part of all stages of its production process.

Your piece is accompanied by the certificate with all its details.

All jewelry has lifetime assistance if it does not show signs of having been subjected to major impacts.

The minimum price for the production of personalized jewelry is US$500.00;

Thank you for the visit. I’ll for you to get in touch!


Want to know more about orders?

If you would like any other information or order your jewelry, please contact me, I will be happy to clarify all the
details for you.

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